Monday, March 14, 2011

what does an allergic cat look like?

I keep talking about how Olin is chewing his fur off (if you missed that, click the word "Olin" in the labels at the bottom of this post, and you can read the older posts), and you might be wondering what he looks like... He was rolling around on the patio table this afternoon so I took some pics, as much for my own reference as anything.

He was indoors for 24 hours before he snuck out the dog door. Definitely doesn't seem to be doing the crazy-constant-itchy behavior as much (still a little?) He's still on Prednisone, though I'm going to start lowering the dose and take him off it over the next couple days. My vet says he can take benadryl (in an appropriate Olin-sized dose) as needed. And I'll have to start using flea powder on him I guess, try to make him as unsavory as possible. And he'll get Advantage or Frontline (he's on Advantage at the moment but I've used both) as often as possible.

Arg, this is really not fun, and probably even less fun for him!