Wednesday, March 23, 2011

March 23 work in progress

There are a whole bunch of projects that are on the cusp of existing, and I seem to be waiting for a lot of things. Waiting for confirmation. Waiting for approval. Waiting to order supplies. Waiting for a pendant to come back from a jeweler. I guess I really am fairly patient. But seriously... I get tired of waiting.

Anyway, I've started work on another knife, because there's no waiting to be done there. I am really enjoying doing work for the William Henry company! Things move along quickly, decisions happen fast, communication is excellent. Two thumbs enthusiastically up!

This is a terrible photo of a beautiful knife, but of course it's late at night as always so the picture sucks. It has mammoth ivory scales and the engraving (by Jim Small) is wonderful. I don't have the blade, nor do I know what it will look like. I had a few possible subjects come to mind, and W.H. gave me a list of possible subjects, and one of theirs was dragons, which made me go "YEAH! Why didn't I think of that!" So, dragons it is! This'll be a European dragon, not a Chinese dragon.

Boy are they fun to draw, but talk about a lot of work! Not exactly a lot of reference photos out there, so I'm piecing together ideas from studies of birds, bats, dogs, dinosaurs, and of course other people's interpretations of dragons. So far I've got a pretty solid sketch for the front side, still need to sketch out the back side, and work out the color scheme (which may well be grayscale, I'm actually in favor of grayscale right now).

Stay tuned!

In other news, we're having a lot of rain. It's been muddy since, oh, November? I'm tired of it. I've had enough of muddy dog feet. Not ready for summer, just tired of mud.


Anonymous said...

You can bet I will be following this one!! Go Dragons...what with The Hobbit and Smaug in the news!
Aaron said...

The dragons are so cool! I love the pic with your "in progress" was neat to see the various colors you were playing around with. I think I would agree about the grey-scale....that might look the best and not over-power the mental engraving portion. One of my favorite pencil drawings (that I did in an art class years ago)is actually of a dragon. I never finished it... I will have to dig it out of storage some time, I know it's in there some where. said...

Hey again, did you ever see that movie, "A Boy Who Trained a Dragon"? It was way better than I thought it would be, and actually entertaining for grown-ups (not just the under five crowd, haha).