Wednesday, March 09, 2011

March 9 work in progress

Just a little teaser pic for you tonight. Today I did the preliminary sketch for an upcoming drawing. These sketches show all the details, but are only an outline, and don't show color or shadow or roundness, etc. This goes to the client for approval, and once that's received I will transfer the image onto the good (expensive) paper and start the final drawing. This sketch was approved tonight, so I'll be starting the final drawing tomorrow if my day goes as planned.

This is a custom commissioned piece, and will be a 5x7 inch colored pencil drawing. It will also be used as the background image on a business card, which I'll design.

If you haven't noticed, Katherine Plumer Fine Art now has its very own Facebook page. I've had a personal page for quite a while, and you're certainly welcome to send a friend request (drop a line and say you read the blog on the request) but I have set up a business page if you're inclined to "like" it. It's a work in progress, and I still need to add photos. It's going to be run pretty similar to the blog... works in progress, thoughts about stuff I'm working on, etc. Just trying to stay hip, you know... There's a link in the right sidebar. Clicky clicky! :-) Actually, Random Rosecombs has one too but it doesn't have enough fans to have a unique address yet... but it's linked on the fine art FB page.

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Ooh, ooh! I think I know who it's for :-). How exciting!