Thursday, March 17, 2011

pics from the ride

I went on another ride to Starbucks today. Great weather! We've had so much rain that much of the trail was flooded. Good thing about being on a horse is you can get through that no problem! ;-) Anyway, I don't own a lot of green, and my horses own even less, but I managed to find a green t-shirt. Shylah got to wear a saddle-pad that belongs to Jan, which I still happen to have over here from ages ago, and I found a green ribbon for her hair. A bit overkill, perhaps, but I know that at least one gaggle of tweenage girls who walked past us was entertained by her fashion sense.

The horses tied to the fence outside Starbucks (can't ride through the drive-thru anymore):

Um, was she napping when I took this? ;-)


Jan Blawat said...

Many years ago (26) the trail group I rode with used to meet at a friend's ranch in Healdsburg and then we all rode to Sebastiani winery for lunch and wine tasting. Sebastiani even put in a hitching rail for us. It's quite fun riding home after a few glasses of wine. That green saddle pad has been on many miles of trail, glad to see it's still going strong.

dougzilla said...

OK, maybe this shows me being completely out of touch, but where is there a Starbucks around there?

Katherine Plumer said...

It's not around here, thank goodness. There are about 94589349075 of them in Elk Grove, and this particular one is at the corner of EG Florin and Bond. We trailer in to EG (Bond and Waterman) and ride the multi-use trail that goes along the creek.