Friday, May 16, 2008

random crap

I don't feel like doing WIP photos tonight. Maybe tomorrow.

Horse show practice on Sunday? This is not sounding like fun, considering the stupid stupid stupid 100+ degree temps. I'm doing that costume horse show again in July. The outfits aren't as bad as last year, but still, oh geez. It needs work. :-/

I saw a movie tonight called "Into the Wild." I *highly* recommend this. It's about a guy who takes off across the country and ends up in Alaska in search of, well... a lot of things. It's incredibly thought provoking, and gripping, and a true story. I've never been the adventuresome sort, but sometimes in little ways I think I would love to take off and see where the road takes me. Or get off the road and see where the trails take me. I could never do it though, not for long. I'd be overwhelmed by the urge to bake something. ;-) Or check my email....

I went to a camera store downtown this morning and promptly fell in love with the Nikon D80. It's exactly what I'm looking for, does all the things my N6006 did but in digital format, and fits the Tamron lenses. Glee! On the downside, I can't easily afford it right now, and it's just as heavy as the old camera. So with the camera body and the two lenses and batteries and whatnot, that's an 8 pound camera bag (and then some, as I'd probably put the Coolpix in there too for macro shots). That's a lot to lug around! But dang I've been wanting this for years. I found a very good deal on line, and I tell ya if I can pull some strings and make a few things work out like I want them to I'm going to buy it before I head off on The Adventure next month.

Jessie the dog has taken a turn for the worse. She was doing quite well lately but today has been pretty bad. We'll see how she does tomorrow. I've never seen her look sad before, but she did today. *sigh*

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