Thursday, May 01, 2008

May 1 work in progress

Hmm, I dunno, think this is big enough? ;-)

preliminary sketch for upcoming drawing (to be submitted to Draft Horse Classic)
19x27 inches (cripes!)
will be done in graphite

This drawing is a long time coming. For years and years I have wanted to do this, so I finally am. Of course I had to leave it til sort of the last minute didn't I. Ugh. It was about five years ago, I was at a riding stable down the street to photograph another horse when the owner said "by the way you might want to check out this one." His name was Thunder too. He was (is? I assume he's still around) a lovely dapple gray Percheron very recently rescued from an abusive home. I don't know what happened to him, or how he came to be rescued. He was in the round pen when I was there. With the trainer's approval I went in and just spent a little time with him. He was approachable but shy, didn't want to be too close to me so I just stayed on the other side of the pen and respected that. He was very quiet and the looks he would turn around and give me were just soul-piercing. Like dang that horse and seen some things in his life. So that's what I aim to portray in this portrait of a horse I only met once.

Whether I can draw this and get it photographed within the next three weeks remains to be seen, but I'll do the best I can! Oh and I actually would have been happy to make it larger, but velour board is 19x27 inches (and ten bucks a sheet, jeez!) Hopefully it will arrive soon.

The two rooster sketches were approved tonight, woo hoo! Will be starting those in color tomorrow.

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