Wednesday, May 14, 2008

May 14 works in progress

TOO FREAKIN HOT. It was 97 here today. Y'all know what this means..... it's time for me to start ranting about how much I hate summer here! *grumble*



"Caligo" (Serama rooster)
5x7 inches
colored pencil, graphite, ink
on tan Stonehenge paper
sold (commission)

The big horse drawing: Crap, what was I thinking? This is huge! Hugest drawing I've ever done. So huge that I can't sit and draw it, I have to stand up! Now that's an awkward way to work. I tried drawing at the easel but that puts my hand at a weird position and I can't get enough pressure to get the dark areas anyway. This is crazy stupid to be attempting something so large this late in the game. But I'm doing it nevertheless.

As you know these late night photos are pretty crappy, but obviously I can't scan this one! There's much more definition in the drawing that won't show up in these photos. Notice I put the penny there for size comparison. ;-)

not yet titled (Percheron)
19x27 inches
graphite and charcoal
on white velour paper
will be entered in Draft Horse Classic art show

And then I figured well just in case I don't finish that I'd better get something else underway. So why not do something else enormously time consuming? (Yeah, I'm really brilliant sometimes). Hence, a scrimshaw:

"Sunday Morning" (Percheron)
7/8 x 1-7/8 inches
scrimshaw on pre-ban elephant ivory piano key
will be entered in Draft Horse Classic art show

It's midnight and it's 74 degrees.

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Anonymous said...

you look soooo flabbergasted in that photo of you and the large percheron made me giggle. -BM