Friday, May 23, 2008

May 23 work in progress

Why was I thinking it's May 24th? Hmm, I think I mis-dated a few items today, like the filenames of my images. Oops.

Anyway, here's the big drawing as of tonight. Just needs the background (eek!) and maybe a little tweaking of some shadows.

If you're wondering about the little horse scrimshaw, I have not been working on it. I need to mail off my entries by the middle of next week and decided it would be better to really focus on doing the best I can do with one, rather than giving two of them not enough attention. (Is that profound or what). If I can I will still do the scrim but it's not looking too certain.

It was a real Betty Crocker day here. I started the ice cream cake this morning, then made one batch of strawberry jam (probably going to take two more to fill all the orders so far, hey keep em coming if you want jam!). And then I had a couple baskets of strawberries leftover so I made strawberry kuchen for dessert. Took forever and a day to bake but it's quite good. :-)

Slaving over the hot stove... :-)

As yummy as it is pretty. You know you want some. ;-)

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Anonymous said...

That's an awesome picture of the jars on the counter!!! The light is great!