Thursday, March 15, 2007

sunny days

I had been under the assumption that today was the last day of litho class (critique day) so I made a supreme effort to get up early and be to the studio at 9am. Well, I was maybe 15 minutes late, and surprised to find the doors locked. Hmm, that didn't bode well. I unlocked it and went in and found the place sparkly clean and absolutely empty of people... and a note on the board specifying what was needed for the final crit... two days ago. Crap! Nobody had told the the date got changed. ARG!!! So I thought well no biggie, I'll just print my stone today, I have my paper in the car! Walked out to the car...nope, I'd taken the paper out to make room for the portfolio the other day, so the paper was at home in the garage. Crap! But it was a nice sunny day so I figured I'd walk over to the animal science building (this is the UC Davis campus I'm talking about, by the way). I know some people there, figured I'd pester them for a bit. So off I went, alll the way across campus. And nobody was there. *sigh* So I walked back through the arboretum, which is stunningly beautiful right now. Oh how I love western redbud trees!!! I wish I would have had my camera there today. I wonder if they'll still be in bloom next week. So that was nice, I hadn't walked through there for a while. I used to spend a lot of time there when I was in school. If I had a break too short to bike back to the dorm/apartment and it was a nice day I would just go study in the arb for a while.

And then I came home, and worked with Shylah for a while (I've been having her jump some obstacles on a lunge line, she's pretty graceful, amazingly!) And then I did some invoices and contracts, tons of research online looking for places to put art (I think I've found some good ones) and then tonight I started a painting. I am going to have to add another category to the website- chicken paintings! Funny how just when I was about to start one for the heck of it someone commissioned one. It's commissioned as a gift so I'm not going to show any work in progress and can't post it til after the gift day.

And I figured out what to paint to go on the wall of the livingroom (I want some big bold color in here). A chicken, of course. It'll be cool, but I'm not sure when I'll start.

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