Friday, March 23, 2007

gonna be knee deep in dog art

Well! The meeting at the dog boutique went very well. I will give the name and location when I have work hanging, which will be soon. I went in and met the owner today and took at look at the space. It's a tiny store but there is a lot of wall space up high over the merchandise, so my plan is to do a BUNCH of 12x12 paintings (it's a good size) and a few larger pieces for some larger areas lower on the wall. I could easily put a dozen or more art pieces there. Probably I'll shoot for a dozen, I don't want to over-extend myself! It's in midtown Sacramento in an area with lots of restaurants and galleries, so they are open for the Second Saturday art walk, which would be way cool.

So, gonna be cranking out a bunch of dog paintings, I'd like to have the store full of art by the second Saturday in April. I think I may buy a roll of slide film and shoot these myself, I can't afford to get a dozen things photographed professionally. Arg!

So, as far as other boutiques go I'd still be game to immediately put art into maybe one more, and then give that some time to see what it leads to as far as in-store sales and referral commissions before I pursue anything else along these lines. Gotta leave time for chickens too! ;-)

Edit: I was thinking about the layout while I was supposed to be sleeping last night, and though it would look cool to have a ton of art high on the wall over the moulding, nobody would be able to reach it to buy it without bringing in a ladder. So I'm thinking I'll just utilize the open wall spaces and do some groupings of 12x12s, maybe one bigger central piece. That'll be easier, less to paint.

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