Monday, March 05, 2007

chicken necklace

The Fresno show had a contest for best jewelry made from chicken (or fowl) parts (feathers, spurs, etc). So I decided to make the most beautiful necklace I could come up with. I used spurs, and tail covert feathers from Black, BBRed, and Cuckoo Rosecombs (and glass beads, chain, etc).

These are all the entries. The three on the right were made by Brian Decker. The middle one of course is mine, and unfortunately I don't know who made the other items. If anyone knows, please leave names in the comments section.


faile said...

Beautiful necklace, it looks really elegant.

Anonymous said...

So my questions are: Who won the competition and was there an auction at the end where purchases could be made?

Katherine Plumer said...

Thanks Cat!

BM- oops! Um, I won. :-) And no, there wasn't an auction, which is good because I wanted to keep mine!!