Sunday, March 25, 2007

pictures today

It was sure nice this weekend! I set the first batch of eggs today. I did some painting... two cats that aren't varnished yet.

I took my camera around this evening and this is what I saw:

A horse that cute must be Shylah!

Mallards in the pasture (which is finally green and lush and so the horses aren't on it..btw Smithsonian's article about Barbaro and laminitis is really interesting.)

The Brassy breeding pen. Should produce 50% Brassy Back, 50% Blue Brassy Back. Time will tell!

Gwen! She looks good lately, I think she looks better than she did last year.

Fungus among us.

Oh sure, he may be pretty, but he's a mean rotten bird! Not to me but he was terrorizing his coop-mates (females included) so he's been banished from the coop until I haul his stripey butt to auction next weekend. I won't be using him in the Cuckoo breeding program. He's not Rosecomby type at all, plus I have a very low tolerance for aggressive birds. Gameness is not a virtue in this flock! I like them peaceful.

Pretty sunset tonight.

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Anonymous said...

I was looking at that same sunset and thinking of how pretty it would be to capture it. Thank you, Katherine! You did it for me!