Monday, March 05, 2007

March 5 work in progress

I hate that it's been over a week since I was able to work on this! WAY off schedule now, crap!

Not done yet....

I seem to be able to reduce the glare problem by photographing it on the easel, so I'll start doing that now I guess.

working title: something to do with "Heritage" I need to use that word I think. This is already generating some mixed responses due to the context. I knew it would. Ideas? "Undeniable Heritage"??
colored pencil and graphite on tan paper
14x16 inches (image size)
$2240 if purchased before I finish (may go up on completion)

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Anonymous said...

How does "Heritage and Tradition" sound? It is a long tradition in many cultures. I like your title. "Heritage of strength & determination" or "Strength and Honor" ... dunno? It will be interesting as to what you decide. Best of luck and he looks terrific!