Sunday, February 04, 2007

Feb 4 work in progress

A note about these "WIP" pics I'm going to start showing often. These are taken late at night with no flash and I'm not making much effort to color correct them. The pics make everything look darker than it really is, my desk is much better lit that it appears here! :-)

I got the Asil sketched out on good paper today but I won't photograph it til I start the color work--the outline is too pale to even show up in a photo anyway.


Anonymous said...

Do you trace your sketch onto the nice paper? Or do you sketch onto the nice paper before working in color? It looks like you sketch in color that kind of risky?

Katherine Plumer said...

I use the lightbox to transfer the sketch (sketch = pencil outline) onto the good paper. It's too pale to show up in these photos, but the lines are definitely there. Working without the pencil outline would be a disaster for me, since the colored pencil can't be erased. The b/w outline you see there is actually a scanned copy of the sketch. The original sketch is this pale delicate thing on tracing paper. I like sketching on tracing paper because it's easy to erase and make changes, and if I need to really heavily modify a sketch I can put a fresh piece of tracing paper over my first draft and redraw the good parts and fix the bad parts!