Monday, February 19, 2007

Feb 19 work in progress

Well, I'd had in mind to spend gobs of time drawing this weekend, but that didn't work out as planned, because I spent darn near the entire weekend painting. And I don't mean art painting, I mean painting the walls. UGH. Not my idea...though I will admit it's a big improvement. Also a real pain in the butt, and the room is in total disarray now (this is the room with my studio..) It's forcing me to sort through all my junk and move things and clean it and probably throw a lot away, which ultimately is good, but it's a pain. Might end up doing some major rearranging of furniture too. I want to set up a painting easel on a more permanent basis, I think that might inspire me to actually get some paintings done, rather than thinking "oh geez, have set up the easel and dropcloth and get out the paints and blah blah" I want it all right there ready to go. So I'll probably move the recliner and put the easel there. I'm also thinking I may just buy a good easel. I have one of those jullian box ones that folds up, and it's not very sturdy, doesn't hold a big canvas, takes a lot of floor space, etc. I got a gift certificate to an art store for Christmas so perhaps it's time to buy a real easel.... Hmm, I'll have to ponder this.

Anyway, I did get some drawing done, just not nearly as much as I had wanted. The "wax bloom" is really obvious in the photo now, see how dull black the chest and wings look compared to the tail? Don't worry, it'll all get polished off when it's done! The legs are not finished yet, and the background hasn't even begun to take shape. I want to get this done this week, so between that and putting the studio/living room back together, getting ready for another show, painting, etc, it'll be a busy week!


faile said...

What scale are you working in? I tried the millefleur pattern once, and found it near impossible unless I worked very large. It seems like there would be similar problems with this one.

Katherine Plumer said...

This is 14x16 inches (paper size is 16x18 inches). Yeah, complicated patterns are easier when bigger!