Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Feb 14 works in progress

Figured I REALLY needed to go ahead and start these dog paintings, so this is just the background base coat. It's not that I haven't wanted to work on them, I've just been pretty immersed in chicken art.

Yeah, chicken art, like this guy... Progress, but slow...this is a very complex color. The first stages of the drawing are starting to change, they have a dull waxy layer over them now, which is affecting how the light reflects. This is a totally normal part of the colored pencil process, it's called wax bloom (the wax in the pencils will "bloom" out of the drawing). I just let the whole thing wax over and very gently wipe it all off when it's completed. Not a big deal at all, but if you notice it starting to look dull compared to the freshly drawn areas, that's why. Once it has "fully bloomed" and been wiped clean it won't happen again, and I make sure of that by spraying a fixative on it (but the trick is to let it bloom first!)


Unknown said...

what color gold is that?????

Katherine Plumer said...

It's craft paint. DecoArt brand, Dazzling Metallics, Emperor's Gold. I don't even know if anybody still carries this stuff, I got it at Michael's years ago. I like the color, I need to find more of it. :-) Takes two coats to cover but it seems to be pretty good stuff, not gross matte textured like some craft paints.

Katherine Plumer said...

And for that matter what are you doing up at 3:18am?? :-)