Tuesday, August 01, 2006

the wee hours

I just finished the Large Red Pyle Old English. Another pair done in 6 days, this is astounding (pats self on back). I foresee a nap in my future tomorrow, as well as the start of another pair of drawings, though at this point I'm not quite sure which ones. I'll sleep on it. :-)

I had a fantastic ride on Shylah tonight. She wasn't as bad about the bit. I rode in the pasture/arena rather than the round pen today, and I think that makes a huge difference. I am not crazy about riding in the round pen. I feel like I'm going to get scraped off on the edge, so I know I tense up with whatever foot is against the rail, and perhaps Shylah picks up on that. She carries herself much nicer in the arena (it's about an acre rectangle), she doesn't put her head up so high, and she's a lot more relaxed (me too!). So.. I think we'll stick with that. Tonight was the first time I intentionally cantered her. E has done this many times (while I was on groundwork duty). I gotta say I think I will be sticking with walking and trotting, as she has a fairly horrible canter. I wonder if this may be because of her uneven height. I'll continue to ask for it, maybe it will improve, and certainly she just needs to canter as a matter of training, but it's not going to be my chosen speed!

*YAWN* Gotta get up soon, off to bed.

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