Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Three again...

And just when you thought I was permanently back to two horses. Ha!

This morning J.J.'s horse "Dusty" moved in. He's a 9 or 10 year old Champagne Tennessee Walking Horse gelding (geez, time flies, I was thinking he was only about 7!). He was trained as a 3 year old but hasn't had anything done since then, so he's here for a little refresher course.

This still strikes me as odd, I don't consider myself a horse trainer. But I did okay with Shylah. Of course she's still a work in progress! :-)

Anyway, he's on a trial period of a week or so now, to make sure the three of them will get along and not kill each other. If that works out, he'll be here for... I don't know how long. That's up to J! :-) A couple months, I would imagine.

He's very pretty, I wish I could take a photo. Gwen and Shylah both do the squeal-strike-kick thing when they meet a new horse (they are across a fence from him for a little while) but his response is to rear up. Wow, wasn't expecting that! He caught Gwen on the cheek with a front hoof. She's fine, but it obviously surprised her.

So he'll get a couple days to get used to the routine around here, and then I'll put the boy to work. He's going to get a lot of groundwork before I start riding.


Dan said...

My Co-worker wants pictures as she just got a Walker herself! get that camera fixed!

Oh, and Allison said calling the puppy OSO is no problem, and she knows Devin would love it... :-)

Katherine Plumer said...

Sounds like the puppy name worked out well. :-)

Gimme about two weeks on the camera, probably (hopefully it is what they think it is!). It's on its way to Nikon, might even get there today... I'll take pictures as soon as I get it! Assuming Gwen doesn't kill him in the mean time he'll be around for a while.