Sunday, November 20, 2005

Pictures Today

Ah yes, another exciting day: got up late, drew chickens, cleaned the storage room, drew chickens, drew chickens, etc. I think I am making some headway on the Cornish...we'll see... I "started" (anywhere from cutting paper to size and gathering reference photos to actually making progress with pencil in hand) eight sketches today I think. None are close to done, but I plan to get all those out asap, and then I have massive amounts of color drawings to do, which is the realllllly sloooooowwww part.

And for your entertainment, I took pictures today:

I think they were expecting something...

The Blue Brassy Back pullet is the most curious bird in that pen. She's cute!

Sun-Bathing Beauty! I would say this is probably the absolute best bird I have (and perhaps the best I've had in a while), catching some rays on a warm November day.

The oldest of the Cuckoo birds (remember these are NOT pure Rosecomb! They are half Dominique, hence the red earlobes and wacky combs). He is the typiest of the males (the others are getting pretty heavy-bodied). He has a horrendous comb.

Another one of the three Cuckoo males. This one has the best ear lobes, but an equally horrendous comb.

More Rosecomb X Dominique birds. That Cuckoo male has the best comb. The black pullets will be useful breeding stock, since they can produce Cuckoo offspring (they are sisters to some of the Cuckoos). That's the Crele pullet in the back. She's totally adorable. None of these birds are showable though, that will take YEARS.

More Cuckoos and blacks and the two Crele males (neither one colored right, but it's a start).

Ha ha, Sampson has a leaf on his head!

"The Look"

Gwen looking cute while scratching an itch.

Shylah, a rare Canadian Yak... :-) She is SO soft and fuzzy, you really can't help but put your hands on her!

Black horses, like black cars, are hard to keep from looking dusty (especially when they make a point to roll in it). Gosh, can you tell which side she rolled on?

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