Saturday, November 12, 2005

busy busy

I think I finally have the store done, except I keep tinkering around with it and adding/deleting/rearranging things. But I have "Chains and Leather" (Percheron horses) and "My Foot!" (cat) on there now. That takes a long time! Shop shop shop! The "holidaze" are just around the corner! And here's a special promotion! (geez don't I sound cheesy trying to market things?) ;-)

FREE Shipping Promotion - starts Nov. 15
Free Super Saver Shipping on orders over $50*.
Offer Date: Nov 15 - Dec 6
*Excludes bulk orders.

I plan to add a gazillion more things at some point but time is pretty tight right now. Ideally I'll get a few more things on in time for Christmas orders, but I'm not sure I can get it done in time.

I've been working with Shylah (horse) a lot, and hopefully will be able to ride her around the time she turns 3 (June). She's doing REALLY well, but is still so small and narrow-shouldered that she doesn't fit (well) into my saddle. I need to take some action pics of her in the round pen, she's a darn good looking horse (err, pony?)

I have applied to be a vendor at a show up in Northern CA in late April. It's a horse show. There was no real application procedure and no deadline given, so that made it pretty tough to know how to apply, but I gave it my best shot and hopefully will know within the next few months if I've gotten in or not.

Pretty pics I took today:

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