Saturday, November 19, 2005

another fascinating Saturday

As always it was yet another one of my thrilling and exciting Saturdays. The horses got to go to the vet this morning (thanks W!) for shots, and Gwen had her teeth filed down. If you don't like going to the dentist, be glad you aren't a horse. Horses have to be sedated to have their teeth worked in. Because of the way horses' mouths are shaped (and also depends on individual conformation, diet, age, etc) their teeth can get sharp points on the edges. These have to be filed down. It's pretty interesting to watch, and a sedated horse is really kind of amusing. I swear Gwen has the most flexible ankles. She'll lean and twist into these really uncomfortable looking positions, and so many times I've been sure she'll tip over, but she never has! (whew!)

So after coming home from there I worked on the cafepress store for a while (see post below this one), did some work outside, spent a pretty long time struggling with Large Cornish sketches (what is it about the Cornish!?), started on another set of final color drawings, and then watched "Death of a Salesman" which was depressing.

And what was my day. No doubt tomorrow will be equally exciting!

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