Sunday, November 13, 2005

edition done

Well, I finished up editioning a series of prints from the etching plate I've been working on. I will post the image eventually. There is sooooooooo much updating that needs to happen on my website (all the plaques and paintings I did for the Auburn show, etc) that it's gotten a bit overwhelming.

I'm totally exhausted again, I really think there's "something in the air" in the print studio that wipes me out. Well, truth is there's all sorts of brain-cell-shrinking chemicals in there (the very same ones that make me walk in the door, take a deep breath, and say "ahh, I love the smell of the print lab!" Only fellow printmakers would sympathize with that, anyone else would think I'm nuts). And maybe it's just that the studio is on the third floor, but it is mildly disconcerting that I haven't ever seen a bug in there. There are bugs everywhere, right? Ought to be some spider webs on those high ceilings? Nope, not a one. Weird. Oh well, artists don't need brains anyway, right? :-D (oh no, not true at all!)

You know what, I'll just take a picture of the prints now. I'll deal with posting a GOOD pic some time down the road. There is an edition of 20 prints in dark brown ink on cream colored paper, and an edition of 4 in white ink on black paper (print # 1 of 4 is sold). Those are pretty interesting, but I think the "regular" ones will have more appeal at the horsey type shows that I do. We'll see! I have not quite settled on the prices yet. I'm thinking about changing prices all over the place (going UP). Though certain family members are fairly adamant about me already being overpriced, I really disagree with that, and a lot of the artists I show with have hinted that it might be time to raise prices. I mean, people can sell their "limited edition" offset lithographs (don't get me started!) for hundreds of dollars each, so why am I busting my butt to make originals and then pricing them at a fraction of that cost? Sure, a lot of that is name, and I certainly don't have much of a name, and I can count my "following" on one hand, but I sometimes wonder if higher prices would command a little more respect. I dunno, it's a sticky issue, and probably not one I should even be admitting in public, but hey, that's the point of this blog, right? Airing my issues! :-)

Anyway here's the pic.. I have them all out drying (etchings are printed on damp paper) on the dining room table, but I couldn't fit them all in the frame even when I stood on a chair and held the camera over my head.