Friday, November 04, 2005

fun with horses

I was outside waiting for the chickens to go to bed yesterday evening (some had gotten out because bonehead Nellie (dog) made a hole in the wire while attempting to retrieve an egg, so I let the whole group of them out, then had to wait til they went in for bed so I could shut the door). While waiting, I decided to have fun with Shylah's mane.

She's not quite at her full winter yak hair mode yet but she's close. I don't know if it's a breed trait or just her personal history, but she seems to gear up for winter in Canada every year... which is slightly overkill for a place in California where we don't even get any snow. I'm sure Gwen wouldn't mind if Shylah went back to Canada! And, all that hair hanging off her belly makes her legs look even shorter than they already are. I wonder if she'll grow more. I've been thinking she's a bit bigger lately, but every time before that I've measured she's been the same as before, so I think I'll just let myself believe she's bigger and not get proof that she isn't. Even if she stays pony-sized, she's an awesome horse. Hopefully she will at least fill out enough in the shoulders that she can wear my saddle!!

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