Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Still smells like rain a little bit.

It rained last night! Not a whole lot but it all came down pretty quick. Shortly after dinner the thunder and lightning started, and that kept up for a couple hours. Now it's warm and humid. The horses are getting fuzzy, and the sure sign of fall is hearing the Sandhill Cranes fly overhead. I'll have to venture down to the wildlife preserve some time and watch them when the migration really gets heavy duty.

This was a pretty fun weekend. Saturday I went to a gourd festival in Folsom and looked around. WOW. It's amazing what people can do with pyrography! There was quite an array of stuff there. I bought a couple little gourds to play around with, but I definitely don't foresee getting big-time into that aspect of the art world, I'm already doing too many other things!

Sunday morning I left here pretty early and drove 3 hours north for a surprise birthday party for J (not the same J I went to Nevada with). She was definitely surprised! :-) I'll be nice and not say how old (I mean young) she is but it's one of those milestone years that warranted a big to-do. On that note, I think I am experiencing cheesecake overdose. Not that it's a bad thing (except I'm pretty sure the "get in shape" effort is going to suffer, again...) but holy cow there's been a lot of cheesecake going on. I baked a chocolate peppermint cheesecake for the party, and got sent home not only with leftovers from that, but about a third of the OTHER cheesecake that J had. Mmmmm, cheesecake...my weakness (well, one of many!).

On the artistic front, I am of course still plugging away at chicken drawings. It's pretty much impossible now that I will finish them on time, but given the lax attitude when it comes to communication with me (ahem!), I'm thinking this might not end up being the end of world. I still need to shoot to get as many done on time as I can though.

I ordered some canvases (they were on sale) and according to the tracking they ought to arrive tomorrow. I still say I'm not a painter, but the fact is I need to get some original stuff done for the Auburn show so I can fill the wall space, and I can paint quicker than I can draw, so that's my only option.

I'm also working hard on getting an online store set up to sell my images printed on shirts, mugs, coasters, etc. It's actually quite a bit more work than I realized, just in terms of the time commitment, so I've been sitting around on my butt working on that for a really horrendous amount of time and I've barely made a dent in what I need to do. I figure I will start with maybe 4 images, and then gradually add more as it begins to be profitable. Well, hopefully it'll be profitable!

I need to go feed the horses now or they will hunt me down and stomp on me. Or not, but they do get pretty cranky if I'm late.

Random pics of the day:

Homer under the bed.

A cool bug.


Anonymous said...

K - I love visiting your blog. The art is fabulous and I really ejoy your wonderful pics. J told me to go look at your site and I have become a fan. We met at Leatherby's after Avian Bowl. You were sitting next to J and we spoke briefly. I'm the parent of the S part of the M & S team who won AB.

Katherine Plumer said...

Thanks! And yes, I remember you. :-)


Anonymous said...

Hey Katherine, when you were at the Gourd Festival...you should have swung by my house...did you get any photos of the lightning? Dan and I sat outside for hours just watching the storm roll by. We got over .5 inches of rain!

Katherine Plumer said...

Hey goober. Not like I know where you live...that would make it a little tough to drop by! :-) Could have gone door to door I guess, but, no. I didn't manage to time things right to get lightning pics. We only got .11 here.