Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Where the magic happens?

People often ask me where I work. I think they imagine I must have some grandiose studio. I don't, and in fact I get major studio-envy when I see people who do (they can spread stuff all over the place!). My studio is located in a corner of the front room. I have a drafting table, chair, some storage space, shelves, etc. I am working on refinishing another set of shelves for flat-files but that's a work in progress. To the right of my table is a very nice piano that nobody ever plays, so I stash stuff on top of there too, and often prop up artwork on it so I can sit at my table and see artwork from somewhere other than 12 inches away from the surface (have to get a different perspective on things sometimes). I am supposed to keep it pretty tidy but that really only happens when we are hosting poultry meetings or parties. Around art show times, it looks like a tornado has gone through.

Here's a pic I took this afternoon right before starting work on revising the Large Old English sketches. Hee hee, you can see some of the completed work on the piano. I think it's small enough there that I won't get hollered at for posting it on line! :-)

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