Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Mottled Cornish

I finished the Mottled Cornish drawings today! Second time is a charm I guess. The first go-round didn't work too well because I made a stupid mistake. Though I'd have to say it was pretty stupid for this stupid mistake to have even been possible. There are two "standards" in the US poultry world--the APA's Standard of Perfection, and the ABA's Bantam Standard. One would think that the basic color description for Mottled would be the same in either book (after all, a judge at a show will reference both books, how can it be that one is wrong and one is right when they are describing the same bird??) Anyway, I digress. Bottom line is the books are not the same! These drawings turned out pretty cool though. I really can't wait to post all these drawings on line...*sigh*

I am trying to figure out how to post pictures in this blog. Supposedly there is supposed to be this nifty little "post pictures" button here at the top of the editing screen but I'll be darned if it's not there. I guess I either have the wrong kind of account or maybe it doesn't work for Macs or something. So...hmm, other options...something about HTML...let's see if I can figure this out.

Olin, the king of relaxation

Woo wee, I made it work! That's Olin, he sure knows how to relax and he's so darn cute I can't resist taking pictures. Next I am going to have to figure out how to make links. Here is something funny I made the other day:

Play it on "fast" speed!

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