Tuesday, October 02, 2012

scenes from lately

I heard this rumor that it's fall.  At least, that's what the calendar was talking about.  The weather didn't get the memo yet, we are having the last blast of summer, highs in the upper 90s lately.  It's not much fun, I really ready to be done with that.  There's all these lovely horses here, it's time for some riding weather!

I know you're probably wondering if my chickens are here yet.  Ummm, no.  I am the slowest most unskilled construction person EVER, so it's taking a long time.  That hot weather doesn't help, I need a long cool weekend!

I have a whole pile of photos that I've been meaning to post here, so let me go ahead and do that.  As you probably saw in the previous post, I've been questioning the blog a bit.  It's easy to fall off the blogging bandwagon, and it's easier to post quick little things on Facebook.  Ah, the lure of the quick and easy, right?  I'll really try hard to be better about posting stuff here too, but if there really are more than maybe five of you reading this, maybe say something now and then?  ;-)

I've gotten into the good habit of hiking around this place.  It's extremely pretty.  And extremely steep!  These are pics taken in the last 6 weeks or so.

I think there are enough bones scattered around to assemble a few cows...

It's been a hot and smokey summer.  Way to welcome me to the area, right?

When the trees start to turn brown it happens fast!

Down by the creek.

The creek, one of my favorite places.

Inside the smaller mine shaft.  This one's not too scary, it just goes straight back and it's not very deep.

The bigger mine shaft, which is super creepy.  It goes in and turns a corner, and there's definitely some animal living in there!  No thanks, yikes!

The bigger mine shaft.

That big oak tree in the middle is my favorite tree... so far.

Wouldn't it be a great picnic spot?  Who's gonna come visit me?  :-)

Same place as previous pic, but looking up the hill.



Wendy said...

I want to visit, just need to figure out when!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all of these photos. Hiking where you are would be quite different from my early morning walks around here!
Cuz Jann

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, we are reading about this new chapter in your life. Hey you all out there, write something! -BMc.

Anonymous said...

I look forward to reading your blog every day; if you haven't blogged, I just come back the next day. Some day I hope to get to the knife show and say Hi. In the meantime, I love your little peeks into a life so different from mine. I hope you don't quit - anyone who has a favorite tree feels like a friend of mine. Lucie

Jan Blawat said...

I'm looking forward to photos of that place in the green season, with little streams running and wildflowers maybe.