Wednesday, October 17, 2012

back to captcha

I'm fed up with comment spam.  I'm going back to the word verification.  I know one of you out there hates it.  Sorry.  Can't please everyone all the time but I am OVERWHELMED with comment spam ever since I took away the word verification.  Blogger is really good about not publishing it on the blog, but for some reason they still email every single one, and it's a lot, every day.

For anyone who doesn't know what I'm talking about, it just means you have to type in that nonsense word when you comment.  Since hardly anyone comments, this shouldn't be a big deal, and most people find it to be a minor annoyance at the worst.

Apologies to whoever it annoys, but I'm tired of being the annoyed one.



Bill Rice - Hand Engraver - Glass and Metals said...

OK Katherine
I have been a follower of you since you entered the steve lindsey contest involving your two bears running up a tree. I believe you are one of the best bloggers I have ever read. I do not know how you find the time to do all the things in your life and still post to this blog. it is fascinating to read about all of your different adventures and look at your great art and many pictures.
So now some one has commented Yep that is me I have gotten off my fat reading rear end and finally used my fingers to comment to your post. I do not know when I will post again however I have posted a comment tonight. Keep up the great work

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that you have having annoyance issues. I am glad there is a solution however! -BMc.