Wednesday, October 24, 2012

October 24 work in progress

A lack of work-in-progress pics doesn't always indicate a lack of work in progress.  Unfortunately, lately that has been the case, I've hardly had any time.  Not good!  It's feeling like a mad rush to get that danged chicken house finished before winter weather sets in permanently, and before show season start.  I'm just so slow!  I've been spending lots of whole days out there and then I stand back and think "that's all I got done?!"  It's already been rainy, so I'm sincerely hoping that all my nice young cockerels (still down in Wilton) are still going to be in show condition, because the first show is coming up in just a few weeks.  I'm hoping to bring up some of the birds next week so I can show, we'll see how it goes.  I so badly just want the whole thing to be finished!!!  It's getting there, and looking good!

Anyway, I finally am getting in a pretty good day in the studio today and finished up the bird and fence rail.  Next up is the background.  This is shaping up to be quite pretty!  :-)

not yet titled (I need to think of something!  Dale, got any ideas?)
colored pencil and graphite on gray Stonehenge paper
8 by 11 inches
sold, custom


Dale said...

I'm loving it, though I have no ideas for a title (I'm terrible at that).

Dale said...
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Anonymous said...

These birds always remind me of Phyllis Diller, who I believe died recently. Perhaps "Phyllis Reincarnated." Love the work