Wednesday, June 13, 2012

so I went to Atlanta, and now I'm back...

What time zone am I in?  Where am I?  Requires a bit of thought lately.  ;-)  I left for Blade Show in Atlanta GA on Thursday of last week, and got back late last night.  Hmm, actually, it was technically this morning.

I don't do a lot of shows, nor do I particularly want to do a lot of shows.  A few a year is fine by me.  This was my third year at Blade (the biggest knife show in the western hemisphere, I think is what they say).  It's huge, seriously overwhelmingly huge.  And the question everyone asks after the show is "how did it go?"  Well, time will tell, we'll see who actually calls or emails.  :-)  I do find myself wondering if the exposure is worth the expense, and whether I actually *need* to go, but aside from that I know that it's good for me to spend some time around other engravers/scrimshanders.  Seeing friends is good, swapping stories is good, seeing others' work is inspiring.  I haven't committed to be there next year, but I probably will.  I think it all just seemed a little extra crazy and disconnected this year because of the timing, happening in the middle of moving.

After Blade Show I went to the Engrave-In in Monteagle, TN.  This is always lots of fun.  It rained a lot this year, which may have put a damper on people's travel plans, but I think I preferred it to the usual hot and humid weather!  I feel like a real fish out of water down there in the south, for a lot of reasons, but that one evening every year that I eat catfish and alligator for dinner and then sit and watch the fireflies... well that's rather special to me.  :-)  I know some darn good people, and enjoyed meeting a few new ones, and getting to know a few old ones better than I did before.  It's been a good week...

I deliberately did not take photos, I knew I wouldn't have time to go through them any time soon.

Flying makes me long to take a road trip.

So, I'm in Wilton for a couple of days, doing more packing and whatnot around here.  Actually, today I was totally dragging all day and didn't get much done.  I'll go back up to Oak Run in a few days and unpack and try to get settled in.  I need to be in one place for more than a few days...

Well, I think my eyeballs are still on eastern time zone, so I'm going to bed.

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