Friday, June 15, 2012

craptastic planning

I try, I really do.  I try to get things all organized and sorted out but more often than not my little plans go awry.  Here's an example: I shipped a box of stuff (artworks, portfolio, display stuff) to Blade Show (because it's easier/safer than taking it as luggage on the plane).  And then I shipped it back, thinking, as I packed it up, "I don't need any of this stuff for a while."  It's coming to Wilton, the address where it shipped from a few weeks ago.  I'd planned to be up in Oak Run by the time it arrives.  No problem, nothing I need in there any time soon, right?  Oops.  As I was almost asleep last night, I realized that actually there are some things in there I need right away.  Like the drawing I was working on at the show, for example.  Right now, that's looking like it'll be my only entry in Draft Horse Classic (entries due July 1).  And it's not finished, which means I need to finish it ASAP.  Meaning, I need to get my hands on that thing the moment it arrives because that's going to give me about a week to finish it.  Hmm, maybe I can come up with something else to enter too...

Sigh.  Didn't think that through too well, or I could have put it in my other suitcase and brought it back on the plane.  Sigh, so then I had to wonder well do I just wait around Wilton til Wednesday, or should I head up to Oak Run for a few days.  I'll head north, I need all the unpacking time I can get, and besides since I'll only be away a few days I'll snag the minivan and take a bunch of stuff I wasn't planning on taking til well on down the road some time.  Silver lining?

I have absolutely no idea where I put the change-of-address things I got at my new PO Box.

I have absolutely no idea where I put a lot of things.  I hope they surface pretty soon.  There are only so many places they could be (ha ha, I hope!).

Until I learn how to use Dreamweaver, my websites won't be getting updated.  I think that means my websites won't get updated for a while.  I was really very fond of GoLive, I hope I can figure out Dreamweaver as well as I figured out GoLive.

It's hot, too hot.  Summertime is yucky.

Yes, I'd like some cheese with all this whine.

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