Monday, June 04, 2012

moving in

Normally I would blog at night, not first thing in the morning, but by tonight I think I'll be too sore and exhausted to do anything but go to bed!  ;-)

I've been moving in for a few days, up here in Oak Run.  Does it feel like "home" yet?  No, that will take some time.  In fact I'm not even living in the loft yet, I'm still hanging out in the guest room of the house.  The loft still needs an east wall and a front door, and besides that it's a jumble of boxes and the bed's still wrapped in plastic to protect it from things that are still being built, hung, painted, etc.  It's a work in progress!  I'm not sure what to call "home" right now.  But I feel much better now that I'm up there.

I still have a ton of work to do down in Wilton.  There are still a lot of things to bring up here... fragile stuff that would have gotten in the way right now, etc.  The furniture didn't fit as well as I had planned out on paper, so I've had to make some changes and I'll have to see how that affects some of my storage plans (had to put the flat files under my bed, for example, instead of in the living room).  It looks really nice up there though, or at least I can see potential for niceness once it  doesn't look quite so much like a dumping ground for furniture and boxes.

I fly out for Blade Show at the crack of dawn on Thursday.  Oy vey, it feels like such an afterthought this year.  I could use a vacation though.  ;-)

A few days ago it was 100 degrees and miserable.  This morning it's cool and raining.  Okay.  I have a lot of heavy stuff to schlep up the stairs today, so I'm fine with that!

The peafowl are up here too, and it's going to take them a while to settle in.  Poor things, I feel really bad for them out there pacing around.  They are like different birds than the friendly beggars I've been enjoying.  Nara hurt her leg quite badly, probably when I caught them late Friday night.  Keep your fingers crossed that she makes a full recovery.  I don't know what's wrong because I don't want to catch her and make the trauma worse.

Okay, I'd better go schlep.

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