Friday, May 04, 2012

a new scrimshaw piece in progress

I've just started a scrimshaw piece, I'll just let you watch and see what develops, without saying too much about it yet.  The material (because I know someone will ask) is Corian.  This is a custom piece.  And I need to get it done before the time comes to pack up the studio.

Looks like I'll officially be moving at the very end of May or very beginning of June, depending on how people's schedules work out.  No doubt there will be at least one or two trips up and back in the mean time though.  I painted the inside of the loft last weekend, and I like how it looks, really gives it character. Still needs flooring and plumbing and all that good stuff, and I'm still not entirely sure about the chicken coop situation, but things are coming together well.  If I had the ability to teleport back and forth that would sure simplify things.  ;-)  I know it's going to take a while after I move to get into a routine and feel like life is back to normal!  But I really really look forward to that time, when I'm settled in, know what I'm doing, and can really dig into the ever increasing backlog of work.  I'm one of those people who needs a routine, I (obviously) don't handle change and uncertainly particularly well.  ;-)

Oh yeah and I'm going to Blade Show again in June!

This year is nuts!  :-)

ps- Jan, the new blogger settings have me all messed up too, took me a while to find stuff, and to remember to title my posts!

pps- MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU!!!!!!!!!  (I know I should have said that to you all at the beginning of the day rather than the end, oh well, I did plaster it all over Facebook this morning though!)


Jan Blawat said...

Katherine, I sure understand about the necessity for routine when you have an orderly mind. They used to switch our desks around at work way too often, and it would take me a week to get my brain straightened out. One time they simply turned the desk around and I was disoriented. It's so hard when you're personally conservative and socially radical.

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