Wednesday, May 16, 2012

"Romeo" scrimshaw Pomeranian dog finished!

Pomeranian Dog
full-color scrimshaw on Corian (TM) tile
2 by 2 inches
custom commission, sold

Isn't he cute?!  :-)  I love how this turned out!


dejuid00 said...


Mario Sarto said...

Great! What a fine work again. The customer will be more than satisfied with this.

brokenfeather said...

Super always.
How do you like working with the Corian? I would say you have mastered its challenges. (you once said you preferred ivory)

Katherine Plumer said...

Thanks you guys! Corian is really quite nice to work on. It feels a lot like ivory, though I'd say it's harder than ivory. Ink tends to stick a little better (that's both good and bad, means it gets down in the lines better but it's harder to buff off the surface). Since the Corian's so tough you can really buff the surface (or scrape at it with a fingernail!) and not do any damage. Good stuff.

Jan Blawat said...

Now all you need is a commission to scrimshaw the Corian countertop for someone's kitchen. It would be expensive, but exquisite.