Wednesday, May 30, 2012

ode to Angus

Most people think Angus is my dog.  Technically speaking, he's not.  Technically speaking, he's my mother's dog.  But I do refer to him as "my dog" and I am well aware that he has chosen me as his person.  As much as he can sometimes drive me nuts by wanting to be everywhere with me, all the time (I refer to that as the "all Angus, all the time" show), I am obviously going to miss the big lug... a lot.

No, he isn't going with me when I move.  Like I said, he's Mom's dog, and she's going to need him.  But perhaps more than that, it would be impractical for me to have him there.

But for the past two years and three months, he's been my faithful buddy pretty much all the time.  He inspired me to walk.  I figure he and I have logged about 1700 miles.  I wore out some shoes in that time.  I learned the interesting dynamics of the people who drive up and down the road... who waves and who doesn't, who moves over and who doesn't.  I saw a lot of the same people every day, and I wish I could tell them all that I won't see them again.  Well, most of them.

I met (as in, talked to, not just waved at) 19 new people because I was out walking [almost] every day for the last two years and three months.  Maybe they don't all remember my name, but they remember Angus.  A few have become good friends, a few it's hard to say goodbye to, a few I will miss SO much... and one I hope I never see again.

So thank you, Angus, for getting me out there and bringing new people into my world.  Be good to Mom, don't wear a hole in the yard waiting for me to come back, and I know the Dog Biscuit Fairy will still come see you.  And to my neighbors, I'll tell you where I keep the leash... you're welcome to walk him, he already loves you.  :-)  Just don't let him pee on everything or you'll be out there all day.

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