Friday, April 20, 2012

oh, hello!

Hello, blog, my old friend. It's been a while, hasn't it. Heh heh...

So, I'm the kind of person who gets super duper stressed out about stuff and tends to gripe and rant a lot when that happens, and I really have not wanted to inflict that on the world lately, so I've been rather quiet. All is well, just chaotic. See this? I think the inside of my head kinda looks like this right now as well:

Nope, don't know exactly when I'm moving. Some time between the end of May and some time thereafter. Everything's going well, I'll head up there soon to paint, and I've been diving into the depths of all the "stuff" I have accumulated in my life to determine what I can get rid of before trying to squeeze it all into the loft. Yes I think I've finally picked out my paint colors! Colors, plural... I hope I don't make this too strange. ;-)

I am all done hatching chicks now, finished out the season with about 100 of the little buggers. Anyway, I'm just coming up for air, waving hi, going to finish up sketches and email clients, and wrestle with computer problems, and since a friend of mine gave me some lemons I'll whip up a lemon cheesecake tonight.

 Here, have some poppies!  It's the best I can do for you today!


Jan Blawat said...

I'll take poppies any day.

Anonymous said...

I miss poppies! BTW, looks like move time for you and me are at about the same time. -BMc.