Wednesday, June 01, 2011

all like busy and stuff

Life is revolving around Blade Show right now, as I figured it would be. Come see me if you're in Atlanta June 10-12. Send your friends and family. I'll be at table 17A, you know, the one with the really awesome scrimshaw. ;-) Half my stuff is already on its way across the country (a strange feeling, I'm used to traveling with it!) and the rest will fly with me next week. I have one more piece to finish and then I'm good to go! I don't have pics of the dragon knife yet, but trust me I'm as eager to see them as you are!

The weather is pretty much insane. I kinda like it though, so I'm really not complaining. It's been very mild, and today we have thunderstorms, rain, and tornado warnings in the north part of the county. Tornado? California? Interesting. As much as I positively loathe hot weather though, I really am fine with this. Speaking of hot weather, it's going to be about a billion degrees and humid in the south when I am there, I'm not happy about that. It'll give me something to whine about though. It seems strange that a year ago I was on the cross-country road trip already, had been for several days. Man that was fun!

All's well with the chickens. I have one more batch of eggs hatching this weekend and that's it. I'd have to tally up how many I hatched, certainly more than I planned on, only because nothing went as planned this year with the colors that I wanted to hatch. C'est la vie, right?

My friend Kelly came over on Saturday morning and photographed my horses. She paints horses. I'll show you two of the photos, she got some great shots!



Yesterday I got a call from a friend who was cutting hay and mowed over the nest of some mystery birds. So I ended up with 4 mystery babies and 4 mystery eggs. Turns out they are Common Moorhens, and they are hilarious little things! I'm not raising them, I don't know anything about them and besides I leave soon, so this morning they went to a super nice lady who works with a local wildlife rehab organization, and happens to live a few miles away. Three eggs are still working on hatching, and those will go too. But I had a lot of fun interacting with these highly entertaining babies overnight!

And that's about it. Lots to do, so I'd better get back to it!


Jan Blawat said...

What color are the eggs?

Katherine Plumer said...

buff colored with brown splotches. I'll post a pic, maybe tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

OMG those are some funny looking chicks! What made them so entertaining? Did they run into everything? -BMc.