Thursday, June 16, 2011

the cutest kid

It is my job, as the proud aunt, to remind you every now and then that my niece is the cutest and smartest kid in the universe. No disrespect to all my friends' cute and smart kids, of course, because some of them are pretty darn adorable too.

Here we are studying the fine art of relaxation in the hammock. I even got her to say the word "relaxing." It was brilliant. We looked at the sky and the trees and the birds flying over, and she sighed and said "relaxing." Ah yes, it's an important skill!

Speaking of skills, here she is displaying an interest in the Kitchenaid mixer. Oh yes, I'll make a baker out of her some day! For now she was happy just to wear my old apron and hold a measuring cup while I whipped up a batch of cookies.


Granny Annie said...

But she felt like she did it all didn't she? What a cutie.

Anonymous said...

omg, cute! Can you come here and teach me about relaxing? oh and bring the hammock. -BMc. said...

You know, she is very lucky to have you as an autie. It's awesome that she has you in her life to show her all these wonderful things!