Tuesday, June 28, 2011

just plain busy

June always seems to be a busy month. I don't know, something about the halfway point of the year, where I look at back and look forward but sometimes get so sidetracked I barely look at what I'm doing right now. I'm also gone about as much as I'm home this month. Actually, let me look that up [looks at calendar] indeed yes I have been or will be gone for 14 of the 30 days in this month. It's all good, just a little crazy.

Speaking of crazy, it's sprinkling outside. I was quite enjoying the cool weather though. Not complaining! Just observing. :-)

I made a whirlwind drive to San Diego and back over the weekend for a memorial service. The 500 mile drive took a horrendous 11 hours on Friday. Construction on I-5 at the southern end of the central valley put me in Los Angeles at the WRONG time (then again, is there any right time on a Friday??) and it took for-freaking-ever to get through there. Anyway I had a really good visit with relatives down there, seemed less crazy than Christmas often is. Sad occasion for a gathering, obviously, but an enjoyable time with everyone.

Raining a little more...

The various baby animals are growing like weeds. I stopped hatching several weeks ago, goodness knows how many birds I ended up with. A lot, but not in the colors that I hoped for. I have some big decisions to make. I always seem to have big decisions to make about the birds. Obviously the whole "I'm selling all my birds" notion of a year or so ago didn't pan out. Good, I would have regretted that.

Okay now it's pouring rain...

But seriously, some chickeny things need to change for various reasons, not all of which are blog-ready yet. I do have the opportunity to buy back a flock of BBReds, and that might be a really good thing for my flock (they are of my line, sold years ago). I don't have room for everything though, so something else would have to go, and I'm not sure what. At any rate I need to make up my mind asap.

Still pouring.

I don't know I blogged about this, but I have this fantastic little baking "gig" if you will. I'm testing out dessert recipes for a friend. She wants to have a dessert buffet at her daughter's wedding and has all these recipes to try out but no time to bake them herself. So I'm doing it! She bought all the ingredients, all I have to do is make them, try some, and give them away to my friends! Have I mentioned that I seriously like to spoil people with desserts? Ummm yeah, I'm loving this. I have an album on my facebook page for it, but haven't been posting pics here...

I hope I didn't leave anything out in the rain... I probably did.

I have lots of work lined up in the art and scrimshaw department, including some very very big things! The dragon knife that I posted recently was offered as part of the quarterly custom sale on the William Henry site, and it sold! Awesome, I'm so happy that it's in the hands of a collector now. Ooh I need to update my website... I'll add that to my ever-growing to-do list.

Anyway that's about it. I swear time is flying like never before. When people start calling and asking if I'm alive, I guess that means it's time to blog about something. :-)

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So did anything get left out in the rain? -BMc.