Tuesday, February 23, 2010

random crap

I see this rooster every time I go to the post office:

So I have this stupid cold and feel like crap. I've been having trouble sleeping. The trouble is that I wake up about 9784359873457 times per night because I'm all stuffed up and can't breathe. It's inconvenient. I'm loaded up on benadryl right now to try to alleviate that situation, and I'm starting to feel veeerrryyyy slleeeeepyyyyyyy so I have to write fast. Not that there's much to say.

I am supposed to be doing scrimshaw on a knife. But since I'm a little foggy in the head the last two days, I'm delaying that until I'm fully functional again, and instead driving myself crazy practicing metal engraving. This shouldn't be so difficult. But it is. I sharpened a bunch of different graver points recently (oh I need to talk about me new grinder, will do later) and have been experimenting with those and basically getting frustrated by the whole adventure, again. Must get through this stage! I decided to go ahead and engrave a keychain thingy instead of mindlessly poking at practice plates. It is a practice plate essentially, but I'm putting an image on it and it's a chance to try a few techniques in the hopes that it turns out at least halfway decent, I mean at least a key chain thingy is a useful item. I've already made lots of mistakes. I keep hoping for some sort of engraving epiphany, like one day I'll just magically be really good at it.

Uhhhhh time for sleep......


Anonymous said...

How do you transfer an image onto a metal surface so that you have lines to follow? -BMc.

Katherine Plumer said...

Sorcery and voodoo.

dougzilla said...

Why did the chicken cross the parking lot? (Sorry... it had to be asked...)

Katherine Plumer said...

I stopped at the PO on my way home from a meeting late last night and I saw the rooster up in a tree! I guess he really does live at the post office!

Anonymous said...

Okay now you are being delightfully mean even though you are ill! Strangeness always abounds with you! -BMc.

Anonymous said...

Drawing of the different breeds of chicken running? Is it somewhere on you site? Saw it on the ETSY page.

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