Monday, February 16, 2009

sometimes I can't think of one

Another rainbow today! The light wasn't magical today though, then again it was quite a bit earlier in the day today. This is the view out the "studio" window.

So what am I up to these days? Well let me tell you, I am up to my ears in chicken paintings! I decided to do all the backgrounds first for the 50-50 paintings, and wow that's boring! They are all gold, in various shades, and I wish someone would make a gold paint that would cover in one coat instead of 4-6 coats. UGH. I am slightly over half done painting backgrounds, which has taken two days, so probably in two more days I'll be able to finally start painting the chickens themselves, and that's where it'll get interesting.

I am working on a drawing, just got the sketch approved and will transfer the image to good paper...tomorrow? I'll post WIP pics when I get going on that.

And I'm working on my second bulino engraving, which I am not going to show in progress for reasons I can't really explain other than I sort of don't feel like it. I'll show ya when it's done though, assuming it turns out okay! So far so good.

I guess I need to wash some chickens (the real live kind) this week.

Thrill a minute, that's me!

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