Thursday, January 15, 2009

my heart on my sleeve

Dear Universe,

You suck. I know, that's a little harsh, but come on now. Why do you have to break my heart? Every six months, is this the new theme for me? I don't deserve this, I really don't. I am good person, I have so much to offer, and the only people capable of seeing that are the ones to whom it doesn't even matter. That's not fair, I don't deserve for this to happen. Is it too much to ask that there actually be someone out there for me?

Don't tell me to get back on the horse. I can't even think about it that for a long time.

Please send Cupid down there, I'd like to kick his cherubic little booty into the next century.


Emma said...

sending you a ((((hug)))))

Hang in there, it'll happen.

Katherine Plumer said...

Thanks. It's increasingly hard to believe that, but I hope you're right.