Wednesday, January 07, 2009

a head full of ideas

Gah, I really need to catch up on emails! I've been slowly chipping away at them, but I need to just sit down here for a few hours and get it done. It's newsletter time, but I have this whole guilt complex about sending people a mass email if I haven't yet answered a personal email. Maybe tonight I can chip away at that a bit more.

So my brain is kinda all over the place about art. Obviously I'm going to be focusing pretty hard on scrim and engraving. I have not forgotten about drawings and aspirations for galleries. Jackson Hole still bounces around my head a lot and I WILL be submitting work up there. Why have I not done it yet? Because I don't have enough of the type and caliber of work that I need for a place like that. Obviously I have a lot of art, just not enough samples of a particular genre and media. So that's all still a work in progress, and I ought to start on another large drawing for that.

No, I have not heard anything from the Miniature Show yet. I don't expect to hear anything until March.

I want to make more stuff. I need to have projects to work on, I need to wake up and think "okay, I'm working on this today" so that I don't fritter away time wondering what I should work on, and doing silly things like ceaselessly logging into Facebook (OMG addicted!!!). So I was sitting here last night and BOING this brilliant idea popped into my head, my own little spinoff of something that a local gallery does (they call it a 50-50 show, it's 50 art pieces in 50 days). See, a lot of you tell me you love my stuff but can't afford it. So I thought well, I ought to do something people can afford to collect. You guessed it, that means it's gonna be really small!

Therefore, I am going to have my own little thing going on, and I am going to call it the 30-30-30 project. 30 days. 30 art pieces. 30 bucks each (plus tax and shipping). This will start January 11 and finish February 9 (bonus points if you catch the symbolism here). Each piece will be 2 x 3.5 inches (the size of a business card). Media can be graphite, colored pencil, ink, acrylic, or any combination thereof). Subject matter: "stuff I see around here." Yeah that's pretty broad, but I have to work from life, not from photos. Could be still life, animals, botanical, self-portrait, etc. I must do one per day, though if I'm out of town I can do two in a day to compensate. I will post one per day, unless I'm gone and then obviously I'll do it when I come back. And I'll try to draw interesting things.

ARE YOU EXCITED??!?!?! Get excited! This is exciting! Come on, gimme a woo hoo! Your chance to own a piece of my stuff at a price that doesn't break the bank (though by all means feel free to buy the big stuff too!)

I was up for hours last night thinking about this. I'm excited!!

And then today I got to thinking about the actual 50-50 show, and I looked up the info and the submission deadline is next Wednesday. Well heck, I'm gonna enter that too, and if they accept me I know EXACTLY what I'll do. :-)

And in other news today I washed seven roosters. Tomorrow is the hens' turn. Show time!


Emma said...

The 30-30-30 project is a brilliant idea, what a great way to start off the year. It's very hard to think of affordable art ideas, people just aren't spending money on art in this financial climate so I think small, great value pieces could be a great way of attracting new clients for you. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant! Way to go Katherine! You can count me in! -BM