Tuesday, January 06, 2009

January 6 works in progress

Hmm, at some point I'm going to have to do another ginormous painting or something just to offset the minisculity (I know that's not a word) of the artwork on which I am focusing these days.

I completed the image transfer for the swan scrim. I can't quite decide if I should do the whole swan and THEN the background, or vise versa, or just work on everything at once. I'll sleep on this.

I decided to do a tiger image for the wee little piece of copper. Step one (after doing a sketch, of course) is to transfer the image. Mmm, this is harder than it is with scrim (where I tape the image on and "dot the outline"). On the copper I took a piece of polymer clay and squished it on the surface til it got that cloudy filmy stuff on there, and then I taped on the image and put a piece of carbon paper in between, and traced it. That worked pretty well. This is out it looks with the carbon transfer:

And then I lightly scribed the outline and wiped away the film. Actually I first scribed too lightly and had to go over it a second time. Live and learn. This is entirely new. I'm going to jump headfirst into a technique I've never tried. This may crash and burn if I screw it up too badly, but I'll keep you posted either way! :-D This is photographed in the vise, just fyi (the copper is now superglued to a chunk of aluminum, which is clamped in the vise jaws). Metal is going to be a real beast to properly photograph. Scrims are so easy, I can just scan them!

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