Tuesday, April 08, 2008

cast and crew

I've been slogging away at taxes and housework lately, so I haven't had much to say. I do have some works in progress but they are just not at a good "stopping point" so I haven't scanned any of them.

There are an average of 40 people per day who read this blog (versus about 150 per day who ogle the chicken coops pages, hmm I need to link the blog over there, I pretty much totally neglect rosecomb.com these days). I have no idea who everyone is (by all means, introduce yourselves!) but for those of you who don't actually know me and are among the new readers, this post is just to introduce the characters of my world.

First off there's me. There are already a zillion pics of me on here so I won't post another.. I'm... twentysomething and staying there. I'm an artist/scrimshander, who is not happy with the economy. I tend to write a lot more than I talk, but saying that pretty much guarantees I will find myself in the midst of half a dozen long winded phone calls tomorrow. It never fails. I live in a "small town" in north central California, the sort of place that still thinks of itself as a cow town but really is getting so populated with rich yuppies that people drive like maniacs and gawk if they see someone on a horse. But it's still the sort of place where people know their neighbors, and you can drive down the road and recognize everyone who is driving in the opposite direction (that actually happened the other night, I saw two cars and I knew both people!) There aren't any stop lights yet, but the way Sacramento keeps creeping south it's only a matter of time.

I live on a 5 acre "ranchette" (I think that's the yuppie word) with my mom, and she'd probably have a cow if I put up a pic of her so I won't. I grew up on a big ranch, so this place seems tiny, and I don't have any place good to ride anymore.

The people I mention by initials are my friends and family, and I thought about explaining who people are but I'd probably just leave someone out and then I'd feel bad.

The critters that inhabit my universe:

Guinevere, aka Gwen, is a Morgan/Shire mare, somewhere in the ball park of 20 years old. She's 15hh. She's extraordinarily grumpy, and has no use for other horses or animals other than sort of a weird over-protective bond she has with Shylah (except when she's attempting to kick the snot out of Shylah). She was a good solid trail horse but always had sort of a sneaky side that concerned me. She is retired now due to foot problems caused by a condition called founder. She's had some bad times and seems prone to getting depressed but she seems well lately. I pretty much ask nothing of her except that she mind her manners. :-)

Shylah is an almost 5 year old purebred but unregistered Canadian Horse (also spelled Canadien, either way is ok). She's about 14.2hh. I imported her from Canada when she was about 6 months old, she was one of those Premarin (PMU) horses. Shylah is the sort of horse who would be perfectly content to come right on in the house, I can totally imagine her hanging out in here (probably in the kitchen). She's been easy to train, a pleasure to be around, calm and level headed, and just an all around really great sweet horse other than she's got this funky bouncy canter that is not the most pleasant thing in the world.

Jessie the black labrador is 13 years old, and is the quintessential "good dog." She was a hunting dog in her younger days, and the sort of dog who is generally pretty nice to be around. She has this funny bark when someone is here, it's always been nice to know whether she's just barking or if it's the "someone's here" bark. She's about 99.9% deaf these days, so she doesn't hear much to bark at. She has bad arthritis, and is having a lot of trouble getting around. It wasn't very long ago I didn't think she would last more than a few more days, but she's really perked up again and is eating well. In the grand scheme of things though, I don't know how long Jessie will be around.

Nellie the yellow lab is Jessie's 12 year old full sister, and I have to say it's a good thing she's cute and photogenic (despite the warty thing on her head) because she really is probably the most annoying dog ever. I've always been pretty convinced that her head is filled not with brain-matter, but rather with styrofoam packing peanuts. She's very clingy, and a compulsive eater. She has mastered that guilty labrador look, for sure! Only recently has Nellie turned into the top dog, as Jessie's health declines. That has been startling to watch happen.

Homer is 8 years old (geez!). My mom found him in the parking lot at Home Depot, which is how he got his name, and when nobody claimed him he got to stick around. He's huge, and quite friendly, but also a big wimp and tends to spray in the house which gripes me to no end. He and Olin are good buddies and like to wrestle and groom each other, and let me say that two cats and one human on a twin bed is a tight fit (they grace me with their presence in the morning). Homer also likes to express his affection and dominance over Nellie, ha ha!

Olin, wow, I guess that means he's 7 years old. Still seems like a kitten. He was my birthday present one year (best gift EVER). Technically "a kitten" was my gift and I could pick any. I went to a local shelter and looked at three orange kittens and it was love at first sight with Olin, no doubt about it, he was mine. He's sweet and just completely adorable and sleeps a lot. Like if there was ever a competition for falling asleep fastest in the strangest places, he would win. Then again, might be a tossup between him and my grandpa.

The chickens! Obviously I didn't feel like photographing all 38 of them, but here's a selection. They are Rosecomb bantams, assorted colors. I've been raising and showing birds since 1987 (geez!) and as you already know, I've cut back this year. They really are lovely birds, and one my favorite things is just to sit out there and watch them. First batch of chicks is due on the 20th.. I probably won't set more than 4 batches of eggs this year.

These are the Brassies and Blue Brassies:

Eddie now lives outdoors again full time. Here he is with his new lady friends (he's very happy!):


Angeline said...

Thank you for all your blogging! I figured I would introduce myself since it seemed appropriate. I've been enjoying your blog for a while now. I find it really inspiring. I'm a 20 something engineer, and reading this for the past few months has re-awakened the artistic side of me I left behind when I graduated high school. Unfortunately, I don't have money to spare, and therefore, can't afford your beautiful art work. But keep up all the great work! I also love hearing about the animals, and the chicken genetics experiments.

Katherine Plumer said...

Thanks Angeline! I'm glad you introduced yourself. *waving hello!* :-)

Anonymous said...

I miss Jessie (oh and you too)!

Katherine Plumer said...

Aww, thanks! :-)