Tuesday, April 22, 2008

April 22 work in progress

Just kidding! There is a work in progress but I can't post pics, per the client's request. It's the book cover project and the author wants to be surprised. And that's okay, because this is so outside my normal realm of work anyway I'm still feeling a little hesitant, but plunging in with a multitude of colored pencils nonetheless. Since I can't show it, I'll just talk about it. Make you all wait, bwahaha! I was having trouble imagining the way that the figures are posed for this scene, so I had my neighbors "model" it for it. Boy was that an entertaining photo shoot, we were all giggling like idiots by the end of it, even though it's a very serious and dramatic scene.

It's very dark, both in theme and scenery, but there's a lot depth, so in order to try to get the right feel I'm using a technique I've only tried once before: layering of translucent paper. The characters and some background will be drawn on the front of the paper. The more distant background will be drawn on the back of the translucent paper. The "underpaper" is black. Not sure if I will need to draw on there or not. Probably a little bit. It's totally weird. :-) I'll probably scan it every day anyway, maybe I can post it up later, just not now.

There is a nest of mockingbirds right under my bedroom window in a rock rose bush. I'm probably in for a heap of noise when those things hatch, but I'm excited about it. One of my favorite birds I ever raised when I was doing wildlife rehab was a mockingbird, he was such a character.

Well, gotta take Olin to the vet for his dental thing tomorrow morning early so I'd better hit the hay.

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