Friday, April 11, 2008

bear cub scrimshaw pendant

This piece was done as a "sketch" for an upcoming much larger piece. I was originally going to do a background, but when I realized that the fur technique I used here is not the way I want to do the larger piece, I just kinda went experimental with it. Cute, but lacks the fine detail I could have gotten had I done it entirely with dots. Hence the lower price.

black bear cub
color (well a little, okay mostly black and white) scrimshaw on pre-ban elephant ivory cabochon

$175 mounted in 14/20 gold filled mount, with your choice of 14/20 gold filled chain or black leather cord (precious metal pricing is through the roof right now) I could also do a sterling mount for a slightly lesser price but it really looks better in gold
$125 with pin back (for tie tack or brooch)
includes shipping
does not include 7.75% CA sales tax
CANNOT ship outside the US

It got up to 87 today, too hot too soon, noooo!!! Heck of a day for me to have to make an ice cream cake. :-0


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