Saturday, April 12, 2008

April 12 work in progress

It was downright hot today. I had planned on riding today but totally lost interest and ended up doing artsy fartsy stuff most the day.

One week til the first batch of chicks hatches.. Oh golly I'm not ready!

Olin has to get his teeth cleaned. Never had a cat that needed dental work before! :-/ We took him to a different vet today for a second opinion on it, and their high estimate was lower than the low estimate from the previous vet. Hmm, time to switch vet clinics! I'll keep the horses at the old place though, I like the vet who has been out to see them. Sheesh!

I have 300 something songs on the iPod so far and still a zillion more CDs to go through. Plus there's some stuff I want to download. As much as I like classic rock and oldies, I really don't own any! Anyway I'm greatly enjoying it. I mostly have country, soundtracks, and bellydance music, lol!

Oh! That reminds me. The next bellydance performance is Saturday April 26th at the Stockton Asparagus Festival. We will be on the DeCarli stage some time between 11am and noon (for a ~15 minute slot) but I won't know the exact time until it gets closer. I'll post more info as I get it. Come visit! :-)

I spent the evening working on scrim. I keep debating just waiting to post this when its done, but what the heck. If I haven't already officially left PG-rated territory, I am now!

Nude #3 (blonde, not vintage, and more exposed; this ought to please a few people)
scrimshaw on pre ban elephant ivory
30mm round (same size as a half-dollar coin)
for sale, price TBD