Friday, October 21, 2005

just a chicken picture today

Given my lack of frequent postings, I must be in one of those remarkably boring modes. Oh wait, that's pretty much how I always am... :-) Seriously though, I haven't been doing anything blog-worthy. I feel like I made good art progress during the week. And I did LOTS of chicken work (real chickens, not art chickens...well, I mean in addition to the art chickens... you know what I's been a chickeny week). With the big National meet practically right around the corner I need to make a supreme effort to keep the birds in condition over the winter (which means NO crowding and NO males housed on dirt floors...tails get muddy). Ideally I'd keep all the females inside as well, but I find if I just give them a lot of room and keep the coops free of mud they'll turn out pretty good. It's always a struggle to keep the birds in pristine condition though, it boggles my mind how some people are so good at it.

Anyway, I took some pics of my winning pullet from last weekend (she was being a real snot at the show and wouldn't pose worth beans, kept trying to fly away) so I needed a pic to use for my "bragging ad" in Poultry Press, and then I took this one and thought it was pretty nice.

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