Monday, October 03, 2005


After that last soapbox post, I feel as though I ought to post something mild mannered and artistic. But I'm not sure I have all that much to say. I'm starting to get into worry-mode about the art show on the 13th. There is no way I can do all the stuff I'd planned to do, especially since I am trying to spend as little money as possible. I do need to order some frames though for a couple photos I plan to hang. I wanted to paint up a whole bunch of canvases of dogs and cats but so far I'm only part way done with one 4x4inch canvas, so that's really not saying much. I'm just too busy with chicken illustrations and other things going on right now. Maybe I can still do a few, but I really have a hard time painting. I just don't know how to paint, I'm not good at it. Do I go from light to dark or dark to light? I keep trying to paint from light to dark but it feels backwards to me (even though that's how I draw), so maybe I should try dark to light. Just seems that the lightest (in terms of light, not color) areas are closest to the surface and therefore ought to painted over the dark areas. Or maybe I'm just confused. Well yeah, that's for sure.

I moved all the cuckoo chicks outside yesterday. They are getting so big!! I really need to take a new photo and post it here.

Oh, and just when you thought there had been enough cheesecake for the next couple months... I made another one for a big family dinner today. New York style cheesecake (with a hint of lemon) and a blackberry sauce. Wow. Definitely a keeper.

That's about it. Pretty dull, I know.

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